Christmas is back on

Leak locator received an initial telephone enquiry from a very concerned householder who moved into her recently bought home 3 weeks before Christmas with a 6 month old toddler (Jesse) and her french bulldog (Mimi)

Customer had no heating or hot water and it was literally was freezing with ice on the ground.

Lorraine answered the call and assured customer that we would prioritise her call and reassured her that we would have her back up and running in no time.

Peter called the following morning and carried out an initial survey, there was indeed a burst heating pipe inside the house but it was offering up no clues as to its whereabouts.

Peter our senior leak technician used his vast experience in leak detection and quickly got to work.

Within 1 hour of arriving at the property an area of concern was highlighted in the living room. Mimi and the Christmas tree were moved to create access.

A small section of wooden floor was carefully lifted and the concrete subfloor excavated, which revealed the culprit! A pipe had completely dislodged from a connector, which in turn meant the system continually emptied out in the subfloor.

Within the next 30 minutes the relevant repairs were carried out and the system refilled.

The Christmas tree covered the small section of disrupted flooring and Christmas was back on.

Another great job from team leak locator.