How We Do It

We have an exceptionally high success rate of finding and fixing the majority of leaks on the same day. This may include removing flooring, excavating concrete floor to access defective pipework. Upon completion of repair we re-test system and ensure repair is sound.  

Leak Locator provides a non-destructive leak detection service that uses specialised equipment to locate, identify and repair any leak within a domestic or commercial area.

Don’t allow a water leak ruin your home or business – Contact us and we will be with you as soon as possible. 

What leaks we find: 

Internal and External leak locations:

  • Mains water leaks
  • Underfloor leaks
  • Central heating leaks
  • Buried pipes
  • Underfloor heating leaks

Pipe Acoustic Listening Equipment
Used to listen for leaks within walls, floors or ceilings where water pipework cannot be seen

Ground Acoustic Listening Equipment
Used to listen for leaks underground

Tracer Gas
Injected into pipe work, gas will exit the breech in pipework and picked up on via analyser

Imrita Detection Alarm
Alerts customer to leak anywhere within the property and shuts the water off

Thermal Camera
Locates pipes and quickly identifies regions of excessive temperature or sources of wasted heat energy

Trace Gas Analyser
Detects precise location of leak