Damp and Condensation, February 2017


This property had reported issues with reference to central heating performance and issues with damp and condensation throughout.

A plumber had been contacted to look at the system, he recommend leak detection be carried out.

We carried out a survey, leak detection terms and conditions were agreed and work commenced.

Existing System

System comprises of an oil fired boiler sited in a purpose built boiler house.

There is a hot water storage facility in the ground floor bathroom and cold water storage located in the 1st floor.

Feed and expansion cistern in the roof void was constantly filling. This would indicate a leak in the central heating system.

Acoustic Listening

Listening sticks were used on heating pipe work and an area of concern was identified. This was at the rear of the house between living area and dining/kitchen area.

This area had shown signs of water damage .

Further Testing – Hallway

Further testing was carried out to pin point leak.

A tile was lifted in the back living area and the pipe was uncovered.

This was a central heating pipe and had a considerable hole in the pipe.

Repair – Hallway

Defective section of pipe was removed and a new section fitted.

System was refilled and newly fitted pipe and fittings tested.


The section of pipe that was uncovered was 15mm copper pipe.

It was found in concrete with no protective cover.

It should be noted that all copper pipe buried in concrete floor should have a protective coating as there is a chemical within concrete that corrodes the copper tube over a period time and would appear there maybe sections of copper which is uncovered is not protected.

We would strongly recommend that this be re surveyed any copper pipe buried in concrete be replaced.

Please Note

Machinery and equipment is calibrated and tested prior to each visit and accurate at time of testing.

Please note, where pipework is ducted a variance in accuracy maybe recorded.

In the unlikely event that there is more than one breach of pipework, only one area of concern can be addressed during this phase of works and this could result in a repeat of the testing procedures.