Imrita leak prevention system

Following two previous water leaks within the house the owner had had enough. He wanted some sort of early detection system, and at the insistence of his insurance company, warning him should there be any escape of water no matter how small.

Not knowing if such a device existed he did what most do and asked Google.

We at Leak locator specialise in leak prevention providing alarms for the home or business, this meant within a week of the initial enquiry this customer need never worry about water damage again.

The imrita valve was fitted under the kitchen sink and commissioned so that if any of the following occurred the valve would sound an alarm and turn off the water.

The following can be set as high or low as needed and professional guidance will be offered during the commissioning process.

  • A constant flow of water for 45 minutes 
  • A low flow of water on a constant basis or 5 litres over a 3 hour period (overflows, small leaks)
  • Maximum flow rate (in the case of a complete separation of pipe)
  • Key fob push button on/off switch. (Never need to clear the cupboard and wonder if you turning the stop valve on or off ever again!
  • Holiday mode auto turn off
  • Wireless sensors throughout the house. When these come into contact with moisture/ water the valves shuts off the supply. Up to  seven sensors  can be fitted. These are really fantastically clever pieces of equipment that can be sited at water tanks, boilers, under kitchen units etc etc

Peace of mind supplied and fitted.