The National Trust

In the height of our two week summer!  We had an SOS call from one of our top contract partners that there was an issue in a National trust property. The cows had no drinking water!

Following an initial on site visit with the trust employees and management we learned that the water supply was an ongoing issue but the two week sunshine had acerbated the problem.

With approximately 950 acres of farm land, workshop, business, residential and a mansion to boot this was not to be mooed at!

A survey of the property was carried out and this revealed the estate had three separate water supplies from Northern Ireland Water.

Meter readings were taken from the 3 separate supplies this coupled with the  geography of the land was the fastest way to determine the escape of water.

Ground and pipe microphones were used throughout the property and the burst was identified in a courtyard area with a second burst found outside a workshop.

The repairs were successfully carried out and the cattle and staff were again happy.

This quick action was very much appreciated and we were soon tasked with carrying out a complete and in-depth study of all the water pipe work, fire hydrants, isolation points etc throughout the entire estate.

A detailed report was submitted and works have commenced to address the recommendations made.

Another great result.